Sprinkler System Installation OKC

Procedure and Cost of Sprinkler System Installation

Though it may take some time and efforts to complete the task Boomer Sprinkler & Landscaping can make sprinkler system installation easy for you to water your yard. The process of installing a sprinkler system in your yard may take up to 2 days from start to finish. You may need certain tools like a vibratory plow, timer and a pipe cutter along with materials including PVC pipe, PVC connectors, and PVC valves to complete this project effectively. 

Installation of the sprinkler system

The sprinkler system installation is a stepwise process, like:

Step 1: You should start the process by planning to install the system

You should contact utility companies to know the location of the cables buried in the ground by them. Measure the size of your yard as well as the pressure of water in your yard to know the area to be covered by your sprinkler. You can make a rough sketch of the type of your plot and the location of the sprinklers in it on a paper. 

Step 2: Accessibility to the water supply line

It will be easier to provide water to your sprinklers if you can connect it with your existing water line or water tap. However, you will have to install a snit-siphon valve to prevent the supply of chemicals and salty water to your yard through the water supply.

Step 3: Dig a trench

Now you will have to dig a 6-8 inch deep trench with sloppy sides at 45 degrees by using a trenching device like a vibratory plow to finish the task fast. 

Step 4: Installation of a manifold valve

To install a manifold valve you will have to dig a hole in the ground a bit bigger than the box of the valve. Now put the box in the hole and connect its one end tightly and safely to the main line of water supply. 

Step 5: connect PVC pipe

To the other end of the manifold valve, you should connect a ” PVC pipe and lay it along the trench you have dug. If the pipe is running of the main line then you can use Tee connectors to join them. At the spots where you have to fix sprinklers, you should use 90-degree connectors. Now apply adhesive smoothly and thin at all the joints to glue all the sections together. 

Step 6: installation of sprinkler heads

Before installing sprinkler heads you should run water through the openings to flush out any debris if they have. Keep the sprinkler heads in the level of the soil of the ground. Now fill the grass and soil into the holes and trenches to cover them. 

Step 7: Installation of the timer controller

It will help in controlling the frequency and length of watering your lawn. Follow the instructions of the manufacturer while connecting the timer with the main line of water supply. The process of sprinkler system installation is complete.

Cost of sprinkler system installation

The cost of sprinkler system installation can range from $1,759 to $3,350. It can vary due to various reasons including hiring a contractor and permits.