Different types of sprinkler systems

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Sprinklers are an extremely essential tool needed for irrigation. Anyone with a garden or lawn needs a water sprinklers system. Nowadays there are different types of sprinkler systems, each made for different purposes. You have to grasp the basic functions of each type in order to use them.

This article will help you to understand the basic functions of the sprinkler systems and how to use them. It will also help to know about the and its costs.

Spray Sprinkler Systems

In order to irrigate the garden or personal lawn, spray sprinklers can be used.

The nozzles are shaped and designed accordingly to create a certain water flow. The spray pattern also varies. It can be fixed, mist and rotating.

The fixed spray pattern is made for stationary purposes. It has many small water streams that come from the circular shaped center. The rotating spray pattern has a rotating nozzle head, which can cover greater open areas. If one wants to irrigate bigger lawns or gardens, the sprinkler with a rotating head will be more useful.

Pop Up Sprinkler System

The pop-up sprinkler system is one of the most used sprinklers. These are used for personal as well as professional usages. These systems have a device which can be placed on the ground and then activated. This help to reduce labor. These sprinklers last usually longer than others. The elevation of the devices is very high. They mainly designed to irrigate rocky soil, which cannot be easily dug.

Raised sprinkler system

These sprinkler systems are not retracted into the ground. These are used to sprinkle water to grounds of higher heights. The heights of these devices can be altered and adjusted according to need.

Selecting the right device according to the necessity

One must select the right sprinkler system according to the needs. For small or medium yards and gardens, pop-up and fixed spray sprinklers are great. Since there is limited space, the limited water throwing distance will not be a problem. If the pop-up system is used, the yard can have lots of space for other activities.

For larger areas or any commercial sites, rotating sprinklers are ideal.


The sprinkler heads are not very expensive devices. Especially the small fixed spray sprinklers are very user-friendly. Usually, the pop-up sprinklers are most costly than the fixed heads. They come with removable nozzle heads. These items are also sold separately, at a much lower price.


Before buying a sprinkler head, one should think of the type of head needed. the budget, as well as the maintenance cost, must be calculated. If the nozzles are kept clean and unclogged, they usually last longer.

Sprinkler systems are essential to keep the garden beautiful and majestic. Anyone can use these devices to irrigate the garden with a little knowledge about basic functions and methods of usages. This article aimed to make the customers aware of the basic functions of the sprinklers systems so that they can select sprinklers more effectively.