Oklahoma Landscaping Ideas

Getting the landscape on your compound to look neat and attractive is all about finding the right mix of plants and flowers. You need to get vegetation that will germinate and grow healthy under the existing soil and weather conditions in the region you reside in. If you are looking for Oklahoma Landscaping Ideas these great flowers will grow well on your compound along with the following proven plant selections that have shown to thrive across the state and will fit right into your landscaping plans. 

Oklahoma Landscaping Ideas

Korean Spice Viburnum

This easy-to-grow shrub has a three-season appeal. The plant produces clusters of pink buds that open to expose gorgeous white flowers with a pink blush in late spring. The beautiful flowers pack a spicy fragrance that you can smell from a distance. This shrub grows to around 5 feet and features dark green foliage with a clean and tidy look. The Korean Spice also produces red berries that change color to black towards the end of summer and will blend in intricately with the red color of fall. This plant does well in moist and well-drained soils in full sun to partly shaded environment.

“Valley Forge” American elm

The majestic elm tree was at one time a mainstay in many residential compounds but the Dutch elm disease came and significantly reduced their population. Thankfully, a new variety, the “Valley Forge” has proven to be the most resistant to diseases. It takes a broad and wonderful V-shape that will provide your property will ample shade when it fully grows to 60 feet. It also has a yellow fall color and can adapt to a wide range of soil conditions. Once they are established, you can expect them to survive air pollution, declining salts, and even drought.

Giant Coneflower

The giant coneflower is another great option to fix into your Oklahoma landscaping ideas. The stems of the shrub can grow up to 6 feet tall, making for a nice perimeter plant to outline your landscape. The bright and golden ray petals of its spectacular flowers attract butterflies that will come in their numbers. The powdery blue stems don’t need staking as the tree grows, and the same is true for the foliage. The giant coneflower blooms during summer and will be most attractive when planted in drifts. The shrub grows well in well-drained and moist soils in full sun, although it also tolerates light shade.

Persian Ironwood

This is one of the best small tree species you’ll find out there for your landscaping plans. There are very few tree specimens that will offer you the beauty you find in a Persian Ironwood. It grows to between 20 and 40 feet tall and produces its flowers as soon as the spring season begins. The flowers have a beautiful red and white color, and although they aren’t large, you will find them quite attractive to look at. The foliage of this tree has a reddish-purple color that changes to a glossy green in summer. By the time the season comes to an end, it will have a mix of orange, yellow, and scarlet.