French Drain Installation Cost

What Is a French Drain Anyway? 

A French drain which is also referred to as a rock drain is a type of water run off management system where a trench is filled with gravel and a pipe is layed on it to redirect rain water from a certain area to the right water channels such as the city sewers. This is common in business buildings, homes or even other commercial buildings water run off is a great challenge. This French drain system is the ideal solution when finding means to redirect rain water into other areas. It us not necessarily that you fill the trench with rocks if they are not available, you can make use of a perforated pipe to redirect the run off water. 

With this kind of a system, you will be able to prevent your walls from damage and as well avoid diseases that could result from stagnant waters. If you are planning to install the French drain system in your home or even your business, you need to get a clear understanding of the entire process of making the installation and also the total costs required in this operation. This article is thus compiled to help get ideas on how to install the drain and also have an estimate of the total cost expected in installing the French drain

Procedures on how to install a French drain

Constructing a French drain is a simple process and you can even do it yourself if you have mastered the skills on how to go about it. However, you may need a professional if you are working on deep trenches as they require proper equipments and skills for perfect execution. The trenches also need to be sloping for easy flow of water and therefore accurate measurements on the depth of the trenches are required. With such conditions, it is important that you hire a professional to make the installations. Below is a simple process on how to install the French drain.

i. Identify the specific area to be drained and carefully check if there any underground pipes before you can begin.

ii. Determine where you will direct the rain water and make a route in which the water will be flowing.

iii. Dig your trench and ensure you meet the correct measurements of your slope. Also ensure that the trench is 9inches wide and about 20 inches deep. 

iv. Put some gravel in the trench to about 3 inches. 

v. Lay the perforated pipe on top of the gravel and completely fill the trench with gravel you can do 3 to 5 inches to completely cover the pipe. 

vi. You can now cover the gravel with a fabric filter then level it with top soil

French drain installation cost

Most contractors will charge about $25 per linear foot for outdoor French drain installation and to about $ 45 for interior installation. This cost includes labor and materials required in the installation process among other related costs. However, there are certain factors that may determine the installation cost some of which includes the lanscape and the linear distance to be covered. 

Installing French drains can be simple but the major issue is the design in which the installation is made. You may consider doing it on your own but you may risk incurring extra costs in the future to unblock the pipes or make repairs and it would thus be wise to get a professional do it effectively to avoid such Costs.